Fiddlicious was a band that formed in 1999 for some fast and furious fun. Fiddlin' Big Sue and Tanya from the Sugar Beets had been playing together for fun. Sue and I asked Tonya to join us on a couple of gigs but it wasn't quite right yet. Then Paul Margossian signed on and the rest is historic. We did one show at the WOW Hall, one studio session at Apocalyptic Studio and did our final gig at Sam Bonds. All this happened in about six months or so. We didn't get the Sam Bonds gig but we have the others. The are both cassette tapes right off the mixing board, recorded into digital, made into Audio files for CD's and MP3 files for the internet. You can download the MP3's or you can get the whole thing on one CD for $10.00.

The WOW Hall, Recorded live 1999, Eugene, OR

Cotton Eyed Joe
New House
Miss Molly
Red Haired Boy
Si Bheag Si Mhor
Kincardine O'neill
Wake up, Drowsy Maggie
Ricketts Hornpipe
Star of County Down



Apocalyptic Studio, Recorded sitting in a circle, all playing at the same time. We could see each other over the partitions and could hear each other both in the room and the headphones. I never did get a remix. This is a quick dub off the mixer board. Turned out Dang Good!

Kincardine O'Niel


Red-haired Boy

Star of County Down

Si Bheag Si Mhor

Weave and Wave



1999 to 1999

Fiddlin' Big Sue

fiddle, vocals

Tanya Voxman

fiddle, harmony vocals

Paul Margossian

bass, fiddle

Tom Hunnel

guitar, lead vocals