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"The Whiskey Creek String Band"

The Studio Works

I took our first LP's and with the help from my brother, Ken Broeffle and some good red wine we made them into this. Ken converted the LP's to digital on a pro CD editing machine. We compiled those to CD's on to one master so you get 23 cuts. $10.00 + Shipping.

On The Rocks                  Music Farmers Label, Produced by Bill Hunter from Fresno, Ca. Recorded at Triad Recording Studios, Fresno, CA.  Recorded April 1978.

Hoedown Boogie Grasshopper Label. Produced by Grasshopper Productions. Recorded at Triad Recording Studios, Fresno, Ca. 1979.

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Live Whiskey Creek String Band Boot Leg Tunes!            Yes Folks, that's right. We are bootlegging our own material. Don't tell the rest of the band. Business confuses them! All you got to do  is click on the Project File and than the  Song Title. It should kick on your Audio Player. Most of the tunes are about one minute. If you can't get them to play go cry to your mommies,

 Live at the Hotel Newport, January 18, 1992. Two sets that came out great. We lost a song or two but got the rest of the night with a great family style dance and show in a big room. The sound was great and we must been having a good time. Each song fades in and out in the order they were played that night. Listen might hear yourself!  Both Sets for $10.00 + shipping.

 Set 1.         Set 2        


Willamette Valley Folk Festival, May, 1990 at the U of O in Eugene, OR.          Its Here!      FolkFest    This is fast fast stuff. I can't even think this fast anymore!


Blackberry Jam, Sept 8, 1983. Live on KLCC Radio. Charlie Ackers, DJ. "Fiddlin' Big Sue, Uncle T & Johnny"

 BlackBerry Jam         

We just got back from four months in Wall, South Dakota, buts thats another story, and we were excited to be playing in town again


Here Now!!!!!!

Fiddlin'  Big Sue, Tanya, Paul and Tom combined forces in 1999 for a short lived, kick-ass band. We salvaged one live tape from the WOW Hall and on studio cassette from Apocalyptic Studio. The Downloads are free or you can get the whole think on a CD for $10.00. This links to the songs available. There are more on the CD

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